GPA Calculators

Below are four different grade point average (GPA) calculators that provide estimations regarding your GPA.

GPA credit hours are those for which you receive an A-F letter grade (not S/N or bracketed). Be aware that there may be nuances which affect your GPA calculation (such as repeating a course that results in a grade replacement). The calculators provide estimates only. View the Grading and Transcripts policy for more information.

To use the calculators below, start by entering your current cumulative GPA and total number of completed GPA credit hours. If you are a current Twin Cities or Rochester student, you can log in to auto-populate this information.

Calculator 1: Predicted cumulative GPA at the end of the semester

For each course you are taking this semester, enter the number of credits and your anticipated grade. Do not include courses that you are taking pass/fail. Click "Calculate cumulative GPA to see what your projected GPA will be at the end of semester based on the information submitted.

Current courses

Calculator 2: Average semester GPA needed to raise cumulative GPA

Average GPA needed

I am currently taking . If I want to to by the end of the semester, what will my GPA average need to be this semester to reach that goal?

Note: the highest possible GPA at the University is a 4.0.


Calculator 3: Additional GPA credit hours needed to raise cumulative GPA

Additional credit hours needed

I would like to . If I can maintain a from now on, how many additional GPA credit hours will it take to raise my GPA to this new level?


Calculator 4: Repeating a course

If you are repeating a course to replace a grade, this calculator will show you how a replaced grade will impact your GPA.

Repeated course